Types of refrigerator

Before buying a right refrigerator for your home, first you need to know the types of refrigerators. As you see there are many types of refrigerators you can buy at this right time, for eg- single door refrigerators, double door refrigerators, French door refrigerators, smart refrigerator, mini refrigerators, counter-depth refrigerator, freezer-less refrigerator, commercial refrigerator and door-in-door refrigerator.

These are the different types of refrigerators which you can buy right know! Since I have explained about the single door refrigerator and the double door refrigerator, you can view them in my other posts, so you can have a clear view in them too. So now I’m going to explain about the other types of refrigerators.

Types of refrigerator:

French door refrigerator


French door refrigerators are the best type of refrigerator you can buy right now! French door refrigerators have four doors which split both vertically and horizontally. These are one of the popular types of refrigerators you can get right now.

The fridge compartment is placed at your eye since you place food in fridge compartment more often, the freezer compartment is placed below.

Since they have four doors which are specifically made for each of the compartments, you’ll get the maximum space you can get in the refrigerator, they have much wider shelves and deeper compartments.

 Due to this factor you can place more items in the French door refrigerator compared to the single door refrigerator and the double door refrigerator.

They look so stylish for your home, and they will trap the cool air inside them longer which will help your food to stay fresh for a longer duration of time.

Since they have these special features they cost more than any of the refrigerators, they costs around $1350 to $4100. 

They also have some disadvantages in them like, they are also the most repair prone. Due to this factor they have a small lifespan.

Counter depth refrigerator


Counter depth refrigerator has the fridge compartment in the top and the freezer compartment in the bottom.  The fridge compartment is designed as the side-by-side refrigerator which has two vertically split doors, whereas the freezer compartment is designed as a sliding compartment where you have to pull towards yourself to store the items in the freezer.

They are also called as counter depth French door refrigerators due to their appearance, they are usually taller than the standard depth refrigerators, and are more spacious compared to them. 

As this type of refrigerator looks modern it usually binds with its surroundings, so if you want a perfect modern kitchen then this if for you.

They usually costs much more than a typical side-by-side refrigerator due to its counter depth style. They cost around $1400 to $4700.

Smart refrigerators


From it’s name itself you can find out, they are smart refrigerators which can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and they even recognize your voice and usually they are connected with an app in our mobile phones, using the app we can use more features of the refrigerators which are in-built in them. 

We can know if there is any failure in your smart refrigerator, these are the new types of refrigerators which are getting evolved around the globe. If you have enough money to buy your dream refrigerator then this is the best type of refrigerator for you!

These types  of refrigerators are getting improved and they are the future of our world! Due to this factor the best smart refrigerators price more than $3400 and even more considering it’s features like voice recognition, internal temperature controller and even shopping list.

Mini refrigerators


As the name suggests, mini refrigerators are the smallest among the different types of refrigerators. They are usually very small and their capacity is around 45 L – 90 L . 

They don’t take up much space in your kitchen , they are mostly used in dorm rooms. Mini refrigerators with freezers are also available in this type of refrigerator. They are cheap mini refrigerators and  usually cost around $110 to $200.

Door-in-door refrigerator

Door in door refrigerators are side-by-side refrigerators which have another hidden compartment with an exterior panel outside of it in one of the doors which helps in keeping much more items in the refrigerator.

These types of refrigerators are innovative models which are being used around the globe nowadays, it is improving nowadays and it is being evolving in the present time. They are mostly French door refrigerators which are customized as this type of refrigerator.

 These types of refrigerators costs around $2000 to $9000, with its capability of smart technology and modern look.

Freezer-less refrigerator

From the name itself you can find out , these are the types of refrigerators which have only the refrigerator compartment and not the freezer compartment. 

They will be sized as the single door refrigerator, since they don’t have freezer compartment the full refrigerator is used as the fridge.


Due to this factor you will have the total refrigerator as the fridge and you can store the item fully in this refrigerator. They usually cost around $600 to $1000.

Commercial refrigerator


Commercial glass door refrigerators are the types of refrigerators which are used in the markets and departmental stores in-order keep their products fresh and perishable. 

They come with several styles, single door refrigeratordouble door refrigerator, and even in the French door refrigerator model. The cost of these types of refrigerators depends upon the style that you select. They cost from $400 and more.

Pros and Cons

French door refrigerator,


1.       French door refrigerators have different doors for each of the compartment , so it will be easier for you to perfectly arrange you items.

2.       Due to this factor they are very spacious and are very deep , so you can easily keep more of your food in them


  1. These types of refrigerators are so costly compared to regular single door refrigerators and double door refrigerators.

  2. They have low lifespan since they are usually repair prone.

Counter depth refrigerator,


  1. These types of refrigerators are very stylish and they easily bind with the kitchen and makes the kitchen look modern.

  2. They have an extra compartment which located below, so you have a very spacious refrigerator.


  1. These types of refrigerators cost more than a normal side-by-side refrigerator due to its extra compartment which is located below.

  2. They’ll occupy a large area in the kitchen, so if you have a compact home you cannot have this type of refrigerator.

Smart refrigerator,


  1. These are the best type of refrigerator you can get right now if you need to build a smart home.

  2. They have many features like voice recognition, and it connects to an app , and this app helps you to customize your smart refrigerator as you wished.


  1. They are very expensive.

  2. They are also more likely to get repaired often, due to this factor you have to carefully use this type of refrigerator and not let the children to use it.

mini refrigerator,


  1. They are very small in size and can be used in the dorm rooms.

  2. They cost very less and everyone can easily afford it.


  1. Due to their size you can’t keep many items in them.

door-in-door refrigerator,


  1. They have an in-built hidden compartment in them which helps to keep more stuff in them.

  2. They are mostly French door refrigerators.


  1. They cost very much than the French door refrigerators, only because of the hidden compartment.

freezer-less refrigerator,


  1. Since they don’t have a freezer compartment, you can totally use the refrigerator as a fridge.

  2. Due to this factor you have more space and deeper places where you can place the food in them.


  1. Since they don’t have and in-build freezer, you have to buy a freezer which additionally costs you around $100.

commercial refrigerator,



  1. This type of refrigerator is used in the markets and in departmental stores for keeping their products.

  2. They keep the products fresh and perishable.


  1. They are only used in the markets and you cannot use it your kitchen.

  2. They also cost more depending upon which style you buys

Final remarks

When you have completed reading this post which consists of my full analysis and research on the refrigerators, I think that this might help you to get the best type of refrigerator that you wanted to buy this year! I’ll soon give the links where you can get the best refrigerators you get online around the globe.

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