Single door refrigerator

When I was questioned by my mother that “ How to buy a refrigerator ?” , I couldn’t able to answer her since I don’t know a single thing about the refrigerator ! Since we have a small compact house we needed  a single door refrigerator to fulfill our small dreams. 

So I started to research and analyse every bit of the refrigerators, so then only I came know that the refrigerators have several categories and each of them are bit different from others.Some of the categories are single door refrigerator,double door refrigerator,french door refrigerator and so on.

First, let’s come to know about single door refrigerators!

single door refrigerators

Single door refrigerator :

Single door commercial refrigerators

single door commercial refrigerator

Single door refrigerators are mostly called as single door commercial refrigerators since they are the most common type of the refrigerator since these types of refrigerators are needed by families which consists not more than 2 members. It just has one door and it has small area for both the fridge and freezer.  


Since they are small and compatible they consume less power and they are very economical, they generally consume 30% to 45 % less power compared to the double door refrigerator.




small refrigerator

single door refrigerator

Single door refrigerators are small refrigerators, usually they are built with a smaller capacity and, approximately their capacity is measured from 160 L to 285 L. Due to the small space and size they’ve also got limited area and limited shelves for placing the things in them. 


Apart from the limited space which is given to the fridge, the freezer will be one of the good things in single door refrigerator.They mostly come with a manual defrosting freezer where you mostly have to press a manual button which would be in-built in the refrigerator to defrost the ice.


Cheap refrigerators

cheap refrigerator

Due to its small size and easy compatibility to its surroundings it cost very less compared to the other types of refrigerators, it costs between $130 to $270, during the offer and festive times we can even get a lot lesser than the actual value.


Some of the top brands of single door refrigerators are :

Whirlpool, KitcheAid, LG, Panasonic and Haier  


  • Since they are small in size, they can be easily kept in small spaces and can it be used by a family of 3 members.

  • They consume less power compared to the other types of the refrigerator. It consumes 45% lesser power compared to the double door refrigerator.

  • Though the fridge part of the refrigerator is small, the freezer part is enough for a family and it even cools food in them faster.


  • Since they are small, the shelves in the refrigerator are also small and limited and it leads to limited compartment and you cannot store many items in that.

  • In this type of refrigerator, defrosting ice will be manually done which is its main downfall! We have to manually defrost the ice with a help of a manual button which will be in-built in the single door refrigerator.

  • Due to improvement of the technology like the introduction of the double door refrigerator and French door refrigerator, single door refrigerators are not welcomed nowadays due to its size and downfall of the defrosting tech.


So finally what I finally conclude is, if you have a family of 2 to 3 members then single door refrigerator will be the one for you! But if you have a family of more than 3 members then it is better to buy a double door refrigerator for your own good, according to my studies and researches which I have undergone throughout my analysis it is my opinion for you ! I Have explained the every aspect of the single door refrigerator and more are yet to come!

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