Inspiring ways to buy an affordable television


After passing high school, my parents bought me a PS5. Since I had a 32-inch TV I was not satisfied playing games that support the best graphics on that television. 

So I was very keen on buying a new TV with a big screen but I don’t know a single thing about televisions. 

So I started my research on television and the things that are in this post helped me in buying my suitable television, and I hope these things help you too in buying your right television! that’s the reason I’ve posted this blog for you!

 I’ve undergone many types of research and analyses in getting this much information to buy the right TV. These are things you must ensure to see before buying a TV, 

  1. Types of televisions
  2. Screen type
  3. Screen Resolution and size
  4. Features
  5. Ports 

As I have explained the types of TVs you can check them out(TV) in my other post which I have posted the other day. So now I’ll explain the important things you need to know before buying the right television.

Screen types


Flat screen TVs,

From the name itself you can find out, flat-screen TVs have plain flat panels to display the output. Flat-screen TVs are more often used, to say they are the most popular type of screens that are used right now.


Curved screen TVs,

Curved screen TVs have their panel in a curved shape, these are not liked by many but the main purpose of this type of screen is to produce the output from a different perspective.

In the introduction of the curved-screen TVs, people used to like it but after knowing the price and the disadvantages of curved screen TVs people started to ignore it.

If you are looking for a different screen to make your house look a bit modern, you can buy curved screen TVs.


Screen resolutions and sizes

Screen resolution

Screen resolutions are the number of pixels present horizontally and vertically in the television to display the output. If you tend to buy a television of higher resolution then you will get a screen that gives you a better output.

As screen resolutions are mainly categorized into 4 types in which televisions are made, they are;

  1. 720p TVs
  2. 1080p TVs
  3. 4k resolution
  4. 8k resolution

720p TVs,

720p (1280×720) televisions are no longer available right now due to the improvement in technology. Mostly 720p screen monitors are still being used in computers by
many people but it will also get replaced in the upcoming years. 

If you need a smaller television and an inexpensive TV then you can go for this one!


1080p TVs,


1080p (1920×1080) HD televisions are popular among people right now. It is not that expensive and you can get a good output through it. It costs less than $150 dollars which makes it very popular, people are buying televisions that have this resolution for having a second TV in their home since it is not that expensive.

4k TVs,

4k (3840×2160) resolution TVs are now getting popular since they are priced in a middle range and if you are searching to get a better quality and if you have a budget less than $1250, then you can for this one!


8k TVs,


8k (7680×4320) resolution is the best among all! These are the latest tech which is getting improvised and getting bought right now. 


If you don’t care about money and you are searching for a television that gives you the utmost output, then you can buy an 8k television. This can take you to another world of experience of watching TV. 


Screen size,

Before you buy a TV, one of the important things you need to know about is the screen size. The TV screen size decides the total aspect of viewing. If you buy a big size TV with a smaller distance between you and the TV, then you will not experience the best out of it!

The distance between you and the TV should be 1.5x(the size of the TV in inches), this is the best viewing distance for you to get the utmost experience.

In the below, I have mentioned the different types of sizes available in TV sizes, and the resolutions.











40” – 43”






65” and more




Smart TV

Nowadays smart TVs are dominating the entire world,  you must have a smart TV in your house nowadays since technology is that much improved. 

You can view social platforms and watch series and movies on platforms like Netflix and amazon prime and can you can even use voice control to use the TV and you can even control the house if you have a smart house using the smart option which is given in the TV, these are some of the advantages of having a smart TV.

There are thousands of options on a smart TV, if you buy a smart TV then you can explore those options!

Voice control

As we see, the voice control feature is built-in in smart TVs. They can be very useful for you if you tend to lose your remote more often, you can simply use google assistant or Alexa to use the voice control.

You can also ask Google about the weather, scores of your favourite sport, news, and more! There is a lot of use in voice control if you buy a television with having voice control feature.


High dynamic range is an idea of making the television display the blacks even blacker and the whites even brighter, so you get a very good output which cannot be given by a normal TV.

So try to buy a TV having an HDR feature since it increases your TV’s output!

Refresh rates and contrast ratios

These are not that important if you just need a TV to watch movies and series and scroll the internet. But if want to play intense games you should consider them. Having
refresh rates higher make the TV look clear to watch. They will be very smooth
and less motion blurred.

Contrast ratios increase the TV’s performance by making the blacks on the screen darker, while watching movies you can feel the difference and better experience.


The availability of ports is very important in a TV but people are not considering it a big deal.

If you want to connect to Ethernet you’ll need LAN ports, if you need to play movies by injecting a Pendrive then you need a USB port and if you need to connect to gaming consoles, or if you want to make the TV a smart TV then you’ll need HDMI ports. These are the important ports that you need to consider before buying a television.

Your television must have a minimum of 2 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and 1 or 2 LAN ports. These are very important, so please see the number of ports that are on the TV before buying!


Final remarks

As I have explained everything you need to know before buying a television, please consider every tiny little thing that I have told in this post before buying a TV, since television are one of the major form of entertainment indoor! If you have doubts on the different types of TVs check out my other post(television)

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