How to buy an Air Conditioner

Have you been dreaming of buying your own air conditioner for your home, if you are confused in selecting your suitable type of AC, then I’ll make you clear of every aspect you need to know before buying an AC.

I was once like knowing nothing about air conditioners, but I was yet to buy one. So I started researching every tiny little thing about the air conditioners. And now I’ll explain it in detail in this post!

Different types of air conditioners;

To say, there are mainly six types of air conditioners you need to know before buying an AC. They are,

1.     Central air conditioner

2.     Ductless air conditioner/ Mini-split air conditioner

3.     Window air conditioner

4.     Portable air conditioner

5.     Smart air conditioner

6.   Inverter air conditioner 

Air conditioner

1. Central air conditioner


Central air conditioners are used in large houses since these types of air conditioners cool the room faster than any other air conditioner. They are also called as wall unit air conditioner since they use vents to cool the room.

If you want to cool your complete house without using separate air conditioners for each room, then this air conditioner is suitable for you!

Central air conditioners are mostly placed on the roof/ on the ceiling, or else it is placed in the slabs of your house. They use vents to cool the place faster and they also use the typical refrigerant in removing the internal heat.

The condensing unit and compressor unit are located outside of the house and the evaporator coil is placed inside the home. Since cool air comes from the vents, it combines evaporator, condenser, and compressor in a single unit.

The major advantages and disadvantages of this type of air conditioner is listed below,


  1. If all the rooms of your house are majorly connected with the vents, the house easily gets cooled faster.

  1. They create a well regulated and cooler environment in the house.


  1. Central air conditioners are very costly and consume a lot of energy. They usually cost between $1,500 – $4500.

  1. Since they consume a lot of energy, they result in higher energy bills.

2. Ductless mini-split air conditioner

ductless-air conditioner

The ductless air conditioner/The mini-split air conditioner consists of two units, one is mounted inside your house and the other unit is mounted on the outside. 


The unit which is mounted outside is a compressor and a condenser, and the blower is mounted inside your home. The indoor unit and the outdoor units are connected through pipes and tubes.


If you want a room to be cooled faster then this is suitable for you! Since they consume less power and they are simply mounted inside your room in the wall. 


They are small and compatible, so you can easily change these air conditioners from one room to another. The only thing you need to know is, the room you are switching it should have an exposing outside wall behind it.


They also come as smart air conditioner, they will be further explained below. The major advantage and disadvantage of this type of air conditioner are listed below,


  1. They can be mounted easily and so if you are changing houses often then this is suitable for you.


  1. They consume less power and you can manually control each room’s temperature.




  1. They are not used for large rooms, since it takes more time for them to cool larger rooms.


  1. They cost more than a basic window air conditioner. They usually cost around $1,000 – $4,000.

3. Window air conditioner

If you want to cool a small area or a small room then this the best air conditioner you can get right now. They are the vintage models of the air conditioner which are specifically made to cool small rooms.

They consist of the only unit of compressor and blower within it in a single unit. The blower side is faced inside the room and the other side is faced outside of the room.

Since they can only be mounted in window frames, they are named window air conditioners. They have a filter technology where you can manually take the filter out and can clean the filter regularly to get the full efficiency of the air conditioner.

The major advantages and disadvantages of window AC are listed below,


  1. They are very cheap, and they usually cost around $230 – $700.

  2. They are not only cheap to buy but also easy to maintain.



  1. They make noise while cooling the room which is irritating to some users.

  2. They must be mounted close to an electrical outlet for power supply and they can only be mounted on the window frames.

4. Portable air conditioner


From the name itself you can find out, portable air conditioners can be moved from one room to another. Since they are similar to the window air conditioners, where these air conditioners cool small rooms and it is not recommended for larger rooms.

It is suitable for you if you are not able to mount a window air conditioner and even a ductless air conditioner. You just a need power outlet for the power supply and a window for placing the pipe which is connected to the portable air conditioner which is used to exhaust the hot air inside the room.

These are very handy and very easy to use and if you don’t regularly use air conditioner often this is suitable for you. They usually cost around $290 – $500.

The major advantages and disadvantages of the portable AC are listed below,


  1. They are very handy and can be easily moved from one place to another.

  2. There is no permanent installation, so you can move it easily.


  1. They generate more noise while it is being functioned.

  2. They are only made to cool small rooms and not larger rooms.

5. Smart air conditioner


Smart air conditioners are air conditioners that are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and it is also connected to an app that can be used to control the additional features which are in-built with the AC.

They are usually manufactured as window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and even as mini-split air conditioners.

The app can also be used as a remote to control the AC. These types of air conditioners are getting popular nowadays since our world is technically getting improved. 

The major advantages and disadvantages of the smart AC are listed below,


  1. They consume a lot of power.

  2. Using the app we can control numerous features of the air conditioner which is not available in most air conditioners.


  1. They are more costly than the regular air conditioners. They typically cost more than $500.

  2. They must need a common Wi-Fi connection to use the app and connect the AC.

6. Inverter air conditioner


Inverter air conditioners are mostly suitable for you if your main objective is to get low electricity bills. Inverter equipped air conditioners converts AC current to DC current which is used to constantly regulate the speed of the compressor.

Inverter technology is more efficient than the normal technology since it reduces the bills and the air conditioner can have a longer life and they even perform well compared to the normal tech.

Even though they are more expensive than the regular AC, they are very useful for long term usage.

Important things you need to know:


1. Capacity and cooling power:


The table I created down here specifically tells you how much ton AC is needed for the right area. BTU’s (i.e) British Thermal Units is measure of cooling capacity of the air conditioner, that is also mentioned in the table.


BTU’s per hour



0 – 85 sq.ft.







90 – 115 sq.ft.







120 – 145 sq.ft.







150 – 200 sq.ft.






2. Features:

The features I mentioned below are some of the major features you have to see before buying an AC, since these are very important for the maintenance of the AC.


  1. Anti-bacterial filter

  2. Dust filter

  3. Room heater

  4. Auto clean func

  5. Auto detect

  6. dehumidifier

Final remarks


As I have explained every tiny thing you need to know before buying an AC, you can now easily select your suitable air conditioner. These are all the things I’ve undergone through my research and I think this might help you in buying your own air conditioner. If you are also having doubt in buying refrigerators and washing machines, please check out the other posts i have posted.

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