Double door refrigerator

After 5 long years my family was able to buy a double door refrigerator, but as I didn’t even know the right ways to choose a refrigerator , I was pushed to research on  my own and analyze things that got all the aspects of the double door refrigerator.

And now here I am posting this blog for you guys to clearly understand the various things you need to know before buying a double door refrigerator. Here I’ll make you to buy the best double door refrigerator you can get under you budget.

As you see from the name itself we can get the point it has two doors and the double door refrigerator size is much bigger compared to the single door refrigerator.

After knowing about the double door refrigerator, the next thing you need to know are the types of this refrigerator. As there mainly three types, you have to choose which one you are going to buy according to your budget.

Double door refrigerator:

Double door top freezer refrigerator

The double door commercial refrigerator, it has a freezer compartment in the top and the fridge compartment in the bottom, these are the common types of double door refrigerators we can normally see around us from the beginning of the introduction of the double door refrigerators and they cost lesser than the other types.

In the freezer compartment it has another cooling section, this small section of the freezer cools the foods faster than the other compartment which is outside of it. Since these freezers are not very spacious they are being ignored by the families of higher members.


They also don’t have indoor water dispenser, and as the fridge compartment is placed below the refrigerator we have to always bend in-order to store our food in the fridge.

One of the major advantage of buying this type of refrigerator is it’s cost . It usually costs around $270 to $620. And usually their capacity is around 230 L to 420 L. This type of refrigerators can be used by a family of 3 to 4 members.

They are frost free unlike the single door refrigerators and they consume less power too. The power consumption of the refrigerator can be checked by the star rating which will be given with the refrigerator.

Top brands:

Haier, Panasonic,lg,Samsung

Double door bottom freezer refrigerator

Unlike the top freezer refrigerators which are also called as the double door commercial refrigerators, the double door bottom freezer refrigerators have their freezers in the bottom according to their name.

They are just made for the users who hate bending down while placing/storing the foods in the double door refrigerator.

Since the freezer is kept at the bottom the fridge compartment is placed at the top at your eye level, so it is easier


for you to place your food in the fridge since you won’t be using the freezer compartment often double door bottom freezer refrigerators are chosen in that case.

Since the freezer compartment is placed below the fridge compartment, the freezer contains more space and it is a bit deeper compared to the double door top freezer refrigerator. And the other factors are same as the double door top freezer refrigerator.

 They cost around $320 to $680. Only because of its key feature of bottom freezer it costs higher than the usual double door refrigerator.

Top brands:

Haier, Panasonic, lg ,Samsung 

Side-by-side double door refrigerator


Side-by-side refrigerators have two doors which split in have vertically unlike the other two types. The left side of the double door refrigerator the freezer compartment is built and in the right side of the refrigerator the fridge compartment is built.


Due to this factor you will have a vast area which is deeper than the other two types of the double door refrigerator. And it for the same reason the cost is also very high than the other two refrigerators.


As the doors are split in half, both the freezer and the fridge are located at your eye level and it is easier for you to place your food in the compartments. They are usually need by the family of 6 to 7 members as side-by-side double door refrigerators are vast in size.


Stainless steel double door refrigerator and black double door refrigerator are some of its popular color variants you can buy.


They come with a capacity around 525 L to 750 L. Due to its large size you need a vast are to place this double door refrigerator which is it’s major disadvantage. They are not for smaller kitchens due to it’s size. And usually it costs around $900 to $3,680.

Top brands:


Pros and cons


Double door refrigerator,


1.       This is basic type of double door refrigerator, they are energy conservative compared to the other types.

2.       They cost lesser compared to the other two double door refrigerators.


  1. As the freezer compartment is placed above the fridge compartment, it is harder for you to place the items in the fridge compartment which you use often.

  2. As they are only suited for families of 3 to 4 members they only can buy these types of double door refrigerator.


Bottom freezer,


  1.   As the fridge compartment is placed at your eye level you can easily keep your items in the fridge compartment with ease.

    2.    As the freezer is placed below,  the freezers are more spacious compared to the top freezer refrigerator.


  1. Only because of the bottom freezer , it costs more than the regular double door refrigerator.

  2. As they cost more, people of the middle class can’t able to buy these refrigerators.




1.       They have two vertically split doors in them which makes these double door refrigerators more spacious and deeper.

2.       As both freezer and fridge are placed at your eye level it is easy for you to place items in the side-by-side refrigerator.


  1. Since it is large in size, it needs vast area in the kitchen, and so they are not compatible with small compact kitchens.

  2. They cost very high compared to other two double door refrigerators.



Final remarks

My final conclusion for this topic is, for those who need large but cheap double door refrigerators I suggest you the double door top freezer refrigerator. If you have an extra of $80-$100 I suggest you the double door bottom freezer refrigerator as they easier to use and have more spacious freezer compartment.


If you have a very high budget and a vast are to keep the refrigerator, I suggest you the side-by-side refrigerator as it consists several technical features for the modern users to use.  As of now, I have completely explained you about every aspect of the double door refrigerator. So choose wisely before buying the refrigerator !

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