Different types of refrigerators

You may have a dream of making a beautiful looking kitchen and for that, the most important thing you need is a perfect refrigerator for your kitchen.

Investing so much money in the refrigerator should give you the satisfaction that you deserve! And for that, I’m here to guide you to get the best refrigerator you can get under your budget.


Single door refrigerator

single door refrigerator

Single door refrigerators are mostly called single door commercial refrigerators since they are the most common type of refrigerators. Since these types of refrigerators are needed by families which consist of not more than 2 members. It just has one door and it has a small area for both the fridge and freezer.  

Due to its small size and easy compatibility to its surroundings it cost very less compared to the other types of refrigerators, it costs between $130 to $270, during the offer and festive times we can even get a lot lesser than the actual value. They also consume less power compared to the other types of refrigerators.

Double door refrigerator


As you see from the name itself we can get the point it has two doors and the double door refrigerator size is much bigger compared to the single door refrigerator.

After knowing about the double door refrigerator, the next thing you need to know is the types of this refrigerator. As there mainly three types, you have to choose which one you are going to buy according to your budget. They are,

Double door top freezer refrigerator,

The double door commercial refrigerator, has a freezer compartment in the top and the fridge compartment in the bottom, these are the common types of double door refrigerators we can normally see around us from the beginning of the introduction of the double door refrigerators and they cost lesser than the other types.

One of the major advantages of buying this type of refrigerator is its cost. It usually costs around $270 to $620. And usually, their capacity is around 230 L to 420 L. This type of refrigerator can be used by a family of 3 to 4 members.

Double door bottom freezer refrigerator,

The double door bottom freezer refrigerators have their freezers in the bottom according to their name.

They are just made for the users who hate bending down while placing/storing the foods in the double door refrigerator.

Since the freezer is kept at the bottom the fridge compartment is placed at the top at your eye level, so it is easier for you to place your food in the fridge. They cost around $320 to $680.

Side-by-side refrigerator,

Side-by-side refrigerators have two doors that split in half vertically unlike the other two types. On the left side of the double door refrigerator, the freezer compartment is built and on the right side of the refrigerator, the fridge compartment is built.

As the doors are split in half, both the freezer and the fridge are located at your eye level and it is easier for you to place your food in the compartments. They are usually needed by a family of 6 to 7 members as side-by-side double door refrigerators are vast in size.


French door refrigerators

french door refrigerator

French door refrigerators are the best type of refrigerator you can buy right now! French door refrigerators have four doors which split both vertically and horizontally. These are some of the popular types of refrigerators you can get right now.

The fridge compartment is placed at your eye since you place food in the fridge compartment more often, the freezer compartment is placed below.

Since they have these special features they cost more than any of the refrigerators, they cost around $1350 to $4100. 

They also have some disadvantages in them like, they are also the most repair prone. Due to this factor, they have a small lifespan.

Counter-depth refrigerator


The Counter-depth refrigerator has a fridge compartment on the top and a freezer compartment in the bottom. The fridge compartment is designed as the side-by-side refrigerator which has two vertically split doors, whereas the freezer compartment is designed as a sliding compartment where you have to pull towards yourself to store the items in the freezer.

 They usually costs much more than a typical side-by-side refrigerator due
to its counter depth style. They cost around $1400 to $4700.

Smart refrigerator


From its name itself you can find out, they are smart refrigerators which can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and they even recognize your voice and usually, they are connected with an app in our mobile phones, using the app we can use more features of the refrigerators which are in-built in them.

These types  of refrigerators are getting improved and they are the future of our world! Due to this factor the best smart refrigerators price more than $3400 and even more considering its features 

Mini refrigerator


As the name suggests, mini refrigerators are the smallest among the different types of refrigerators. They are usually very small and their capacity is around 45 L – 90 L .  They are cheap mini refrigerators and  usually cost around $110 to $200.

Door-in-door refrigerator


Door-in-door refrigerators are side-by-side refrigerators that have another hidden compartment with an exterior panel outside of it in one of the doors which helps in keeping much more items in the refrigerator.


These types of refrigerators are innovative models that are being used around the globe nowadays. These types of refrigerators costs around $2000 to $9000, with its capability of smart technology and modern look. 

Freezer-less refrigerator


From the name itself you can find out, these are the types of refrigerators that have only the refrigerator compartment and not the freezer compartment. 

They will be sized as the single door refrigerator, since they don’t have a freezer compartment the full refrigerator is used as the fridge. They usually cost around $600 to $1000.

Commercial refrigerator


Commercial glass door refrigerators are the types of refrigerators which are used in the markets and departmental stores in-order to keep their products fresh and perishable.

Final remarks

I think I have created useful content think I have created a useful blog for you, I wish this might help you to select the refrigerator that you wish to buy. If you want the detailed analytics of the single door refrigerator, the double door refrigerator and the other types of the refrigerators, click those links to view the total summary of those types of refrigerators.

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